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Here's a great example of why you should keep an eye on your bunny's toys.

Picked this up at at thrift store a couple months ago. Noticed Ozma had taken a keen interest in it today. Took a closer look at it after Ozma went to bed. Apparently the "hard" plastic on the edge of the keys isn't *quite* hard enough to avoid being eaten. The keys have since been cut off entirely, leaving just a ring of very hard plastic & a very hard plastic bit w/ rattly beads inside.

Here's hoping that Ozma didn't eat enough plastic to cause any problems! :\
Recent pix of little *Miss* Oz:

Oz eats like she's in prison.

"I cannot believe it took you nearly 3 months to notice that I was a girl."

The loaf of disapproval. The ear of disbelief.

Squeezpet is concerned that Anya & Ozma are starting to look so much alike. "What if there's a bun mix-up?" He quickly realized that it wouldn't be a problem, as Oz is unlikely to ever become as snuggly as Anya is. If she runs toward you, she's Anya. If she runs away, she's Ozma. ;D
Well, so much for getting a husbun for Anya.

Looks like she gets a wife, instead!

Ayup. Turns out "Oz" is really "Ozma".


I was beginning to suspect something was amiss when a dewlap appeared instead of testicles. I mean, I know bucks can get small dewlaps, too, but this kid was born back in July... you'd think we'd have some 'nads by now. A close inspection of the nether regions revealed no hidden testicles, & pink bits that I was pretty certain looked female. After refreshing my rabbit-sexing knowledge on the intarwebs, I checked again. Yeah. Pretty sure that's a little girl bun, not a boy.

Oops! ^_^

So I guess I can stop waiting for testicles appear before we can neuter!

Hoping this doesn't make the bonding process much more problematic. Although I *can* handle 2 permanently separately-housed buns, I would really rather not have to.
So much for my clever arrangement of extra NIC's to keep the buns completely separated.

That'd be Oz lounging in the "forbidden zone" outside Anya's cage. :P There're are more zip-ties, now, so hopefully he won't manage to wiggle in there again.

Handsome boy!

Nov. 29th, 2010

Earlier this evening, Oz's playtime:

Minutes ago, Anya's playtime:

It's not completely obvious on account of the way I cropped the photos, but they're not only taking turns lounging in the same position: they're doing it on top of the same box. Just coincidence, or are they purposefully mimicking each other? Wicked cute, either way!

Nov. 27th, 2010

Oz is a very happy little bun. He flops, dances, & sprints all over the place (on one memorable occasion, he sprinted head-first into a bookshelf). He's not nearly as graceful as Anya, but he's faster (at least for now). Still not sure about human contact, but curious.

Hay: it's food, it's bedding, it's a fashion accessory!

Still not sure if Anya loves Oz or wants to kill him. Not sure if she knows, either. I dunno if this is Oz-related or she's just getting grumbly as she gets older, but I've caught her actually making noise several times. She even thumped last night! Three times in a row! I've never heard her thump, ever. Couldn't figure out why she did it this time... Oz was nowhere near her, & there wasn't any sort of commotion going on that I could sense. Perhaps she heard/smelled something I couldn't.

Waiting "patiently" for her turn at playtime.

Nov. 5th, 2010

Oz is getting much braver. At first he wouldn't come out of his pen if someone was in the bunny area. Now he'll follow me around, or come stare at me & give me The Ear for quite long stretches of time while I'm sitting & reading while he's out. Sometimes he runs up, nose punches my leg/foot, & runs away.

Still wants nothing to do w/ headpets (which is driving my Squeezypet insane), but I think he'll get there before too much longer.

Squeezypet has taken to calling him "Ozymandias", & likes to hold his hand up like he has a treat so that Oz will nibble on his fingers.

"It's adorable!"

"It's adorable now because he only weighs 2 lbs. It won't be so adorable when he weighs 20! Stop feeding the rabbit fingers!"

Anya is peeved that she now has to time-share her playground, but when she's out she spends a lot of time sprawled by Oz's pen. I'm hoping this means that she just wants to hang out with him, not that she's waiting for him to escape so that she can eat him. ;}

Hey, LJ is still here! I'll be damned!

Check this out:

This is Oz. He was born July 19th. Don't know who dad was, but mom is a 19 lb Flemish Giant.

Oz spent his first 3 months w/ his mother, 10 brothers & sisters, & about 70 other rabbits at Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue, which is where Anya came from. I was successfully resisting the temptation of adopting another rabbit, even when the president of LMRR announced that she was moving the entire rescue to NJ & was hoping to adopt as many of the buns in FL as possible before subjecting them to a 1,000+ mile move. Then Kristie (LMRR pres) mentioned that she had people interested in adopting Oz's mom's brown babies, but nobody wanted the white ones.

There's only so much I can resist, dammit!

So now I have a second bun. As soon as his 'nads make an appearance, he can be neutered, & then he & Anya can start the hopefully not-long road to being bonded. Right now he's got a bachelor pen set up in the opposite corner of the bun-proofed room from the Winchester Mystery cage. Anya is very interested in Oz. She keeps biting/digging at cage bars trying to get to him. She doesn't seem to be exhibiting angry-bun body language, though. She's actually acting exactly like she does when I feed her treats through the bars of her cage, so I think she just reallyREALLY wants to play w/ the new toy I got for her. Still, after she managed to bite his toe hard enough to draw blood, I had to rig up an extra layer of NIC's that stick out a few inches away from the bottoms of her cage & his pen to keep her too-eager teeth away from his unsuspecting tender flesh.

In case anyone is wondering about the name: I kinda wanted to stick w/ the Buffy TVS theme, but I didn't really like the name "Xander". It amuses me to name a bun who's at least half-Flemmie after a character played by the diminutive Seth Green. I'm also a huge fan of L Frank Baum. And "Oz" is just such an excellent name: unique enough to be different, but not so bizarre that nobody can pronounce/remember it.

First meeting... before the addition of the extra NIC "force field".

The universe has a sense of humour.

You know who Anya loves more than anybody in the world?

No, not me, the person who spends the most time with her & feeds her.

Nope. She loves my husband, the guy who visits every once in awhile & sometimes gives her something tasty.

Don't get me wrong... Anya likes me well enough. She'll hop over & demand head-pets, she'll hang out, she'll even occaisionally circle my feet if she thinks I've got something worth eating. But if Squeezypet walks in the room? She is immediately up his proverbial butt until he leaves the area.

Maybe it's because he's never picked her up, tried to clean her scent glands, or interfered with the bunny Feng Shui by cleaning up after her. Maybe she's just partial to boys.

I'm not terribly bothered by it, but I have to admit that a tiny, petty part of me wishes that my rabbit actually recognized that she was *my* rabbit. ;P

Ah, well. Anya is still friggin' awesome... and, hey... at least she's got good taste in men! ;D

A pellet by any other name...

Finally got off my lazy ass & checked out the feed store 16 blocks from where I live. Bought a 40lb bag of Equine Pine for $5. A 20lb bag of Feline Pine costs $10 at Petsmart. Same product, same company, different packaging, 4 times more expensive. So bizarre. I was hoping to pick up a big bag of timothy cubes, too, but they only had alfalfa.

Of course, the problem w/ shopping at feed stores is the baby bunnies. They had a pair of Harlequin-esque critters when I was there. The pen they were in wasn't too awfully tiny, but the floor was entirely wire, with nothing in it except a water bottle & a big bowl of pellets. Poor guys. :(


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